the philosophy of the world

i painted this the other day at work. it’s really bright in here.


american girls/tainted love

did these two the past couple of nights after work. i’m not completely happy with them, but i like them, regardless.

the party’s over

painted these the other day. i like em.

i died

i spent mother’s day shooting guns, eating tomato sandwiches made by turbo’s mommy and painting this while chris yelled “no” over and over into my ear. i think it helped. thanks chris. i really like how this turned out despite the fact that it still looks unfinished.

black and blue

i painted this one the other night. you’ve got yourself a knee cap, two forearms, and filler. i think this painting needs blue. the mom tattoo was a mother’s day special. we never do specials and ben came in and was the first to get one. i was happy to do it. we threw on this little NKC design right on his ditch. i hope he didn’t suffer too much. thanks ben!


spring is here and i don’t feel so well

leather mail

i collect early american postcards. when christmas rolls around, think of me when you’re flipping through the antique store or local swap meet when you see a stack of these affordable bits of american history. i particularly enjoy the leather ones that were made only for a brief time in the early 1900’s and most of them donning themselves with the artwork of w.s. heal. this is the first one i’ve seen that wasn’t in the shape of a rectangle.