Nazi Gun


Eric is a weirdo.  An awesome man who loves terrible metal and supports any dragon I paint.  He works from the united states postal service and is nothing like Henry Chinaski.  He is covered in dripping skulls and is becoming obsessed with dot shading ever since I showed him my tattoos from Mr. Albrigo.  We threw a little biker dust on this human glove.  I used a machine that wasn’t meant for stippling.  I enjoy it and so did he. 



i was gifted these acetates the first year i started tattooing. signed titty and all. i was pretty lucky right off the bat.

american girls/tainted love

did these two the past couple of nights after work. i’m not completely happy with them, but i like them, regardless.

the party’s over

painted these the other day. i like em.

” i wouldn’t take it if I didn’t want it”


I took Peter and his two girlfriends to the third Sunday market today.  After 10 minutes the girls disappeared.  We never saw them again.  These gatherings are a big reason I love living in America’s heartland.  I love antiques and I enjoy walking around, talking to vendors, and sifting through all the trinkets left behind by people who no longer exist.  I found a few postcards as I always do, a small wooden desk from the late 1800’s, some funeral photos, and these handmade halloween masks.  I also met a middle aged woman who shared my affinity for the swastika and funeral paraphernalia.  Not a bad Sunday at all.

i died

i spent mother’s day shooting guns, eating tomato sandwiches made by turbo’s mommy and painting this while chris yelled “no” over and over into my ear. i think it helped. thanks chris. i really like how this turned out despite the fact that it still looks unfinished.

black and blue

i painted this one the other night. you’ve got yourself a knee cap, two forearms, and filler. i think this painting needs blue. the mom tattoo was a mother’s day special. we never do specials and ben came in and was the first to get one. i was happy to do it. we threw on this little NKC design right on his ditch. i hope he didn’t suffer too much. thanks ben!