i did this painting on canvas a few years ago using house paint, ink, aged shellac, and marker. it’s handstretched canvas over a heavy duty silkscreen frame from a local silkscreen shop here in town that went out of business 20 years ago. it’s not my best work but i figured i’d share it anyways. i need to get it out of my possession.


12 x 16

i painted this weirdo flash sheet for kasper over in kansas city. i’ve been taking little chances with my flash lately. just trying not to plan out the shading and color as much. i’ve been trying to shade on instinct, rather than skill, which I do not have. kasper is a nice kid from missouri and sent me a very nice sheet as a trade. i hope he doesn’t hate this one.


i did this painting today in between walk-ins. its a 12 x 16 and i am trying to do a little more with less. i don’t know if i’m succeeding or not, but i am happy with how it turned out.

barely there


This is my favorite mall.  It’s in urbana, illinois and it has remained exactly the same for the past twenty years.  Stores come and go, but mostly they go.  There is practicaly nothing in this mall, but I visit everytime I’m in town.  There is now a store called art-coop that has relocated there which is nice.  There is an empty food court filled with tables and chairs that are nice to reflect in.  I snapped a quick picture on my way out.